Introducing the new CARMA Insight Portal

We're very excited to launch the new CARMA Insight Portal on 12 April. With a fresh, slick new design, great new features and a raft of updates, here's what to expect:

New Homepage cropped

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  • Homepage: The new Homepage is your daily briefing, showcasing your coverage alongside a snapshot of high level KPIs and analytics. 
  • Customisable Analytics dashboards: Create tailored dashboards based on your KPIs, build dashboards specific to your role, your team, your product, event or campaign. Include real-time and expertly analysed data.
  • Article View Options
    • List view with preview panel to save clicking into every article 
    • Kanban column view with options to display content broken down by Media Type or Sentiment
    • Table view with everything at a glance, for when you need to quickly scan through large numbers of articles for your daily reports

New User Experience (UX):Navigation GIF

  • Improved navigation​

    • New navigation bar on the left, allowing for easier navigation between sections, and a more integrated feel

    • New breadcrumb trails to help users locate where they are in the platform

  • User preferences, and last actions are remembered as you navigate through the portal

  • Upgraded charts & data visualisation to offer more flexibility

Improved search filters:

It’s now much easier to search your content in Insight, save your searches and switch from search results to analytics without needing to reapply all the filters.

  • Filters have moved to the top of the page and can be collapsed/hidden to make the most of the space on the page and view more information.

  • Filters are now automatically applied to your results as you update them, removing the need to click save first.


1. Will all of my content and settings be moved over?

All your media coverage will appear in the new portal, along with any dashboards, collections, export templates, newsletters, alerts and settings.

2. Will my login change?

No, your login details will be the same and login will remain at

3. Who can I contact with a question? 

Your account manager will be on hand to support with any questions, feedback or training requests you have.