What's New - July 2023

What's new in CARMA Insight - all the latest product developments.


New Help Centre!

You now have access to the new CARMA Help Centre full of frequently asked questions and how to guides for getting the most out of your CARMA portal. Find it via the menu in the top right of your portal and bookmark help.carma.com.

Media Monitoring

Keep track of what you've already seen

We listened to your feedback and the headlines now change colour to indicate which articles you have already viewed.

Bulk change sentiment in seconds!

New Keyboard Shortcuts make it even easier to quickly update the sentiment of articles and social media posts, streamlining your daily workflow. Find out how to use this time saving feature here.

bulk sent change

Remove a tag from multiple articles in seconds

Another great keyboard shortcut gives you the power to quickly and easily clean up your tags, or to remove tags that you no longer want associated with your content. Select the articles you want to remove common tags from, press ’t’ to open the tag module, remove the tag and click submit - the tag get’s bulk removed just like that.

Filter social media content by number of Followers

Easily find the most impactful mentions from social media using the new followers filter, allowing you to set a minimum and maximum number of followers. Use this filter on the Articles and Analytics dashboards.

Looking for a specific tweet?

We got you! Insight now accommodates a new filter that allows you to search by the tweet UID (unique ID), which can be found on the end of the tweet URL. E.g.:  https://twitter.com/wiselyauto/status/1679551060237492226

Social profiles/handles filter

Quickly look for content published by specific users by simply typing their handle or profile name and pressing enter. Our new filter will do the rest.

Reload button in the Articles page

Now you can easily refresh your latest results without leaving the page, by clicking the new reload button next to the number of articles.

Social Dashboards: 

Filter by Tag:

Filter social dashboards by tags to analyse specific themes or topics in your social media monitoring. This feature allows you to identify trends, measure campaign success, and track brand sentiment. 

CARMA Mobile updates

Do you know you can have your media coverage and analytics at your fingertips wherever you are. Handy for those inevitable questions in meetings! 

The CARMA app has been updated to reflect the fresh new look of CARMA Insight and now includes your top featured articles and high-level KPIs in the Overview dashboard.

Download from the Apple or Google app stores.

Updated carma mobile-2