New! Get smarter with your daily reporting

The newly upgraded Executive Reports builder, equips you to create reports fit for your C-Suite in minutes.

ER feature screenshot

The Executive Reports builder provides a user-friendly interface for selecting, editing, and summarising articles, as well as adding analytics charts and sharing them with stakeholders in a customisable format.

Key highlights of the upgrade include:

  • AI Smart Summary - Generate article summaries in context to a specific tag (eg. a brand, product, event or person) - in any language - with the new generative AI integration. Check out the user guide.
  • Simpler report building with an improved user experience 
  • Easily access all your sent or published reports in the new Archive
  • Share latest reports on your new Homepage for all your users to see
  • New Template Designs – Fresh new default template options to visually enhance the design of your reports and make them more attractive when shared. You can also create customised templates to match your branding and include the metadata you need.
  • Find out how to build a report in this handy user guide.

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