How to build a Query

Slice and dice your data any way you need with the analytics query builder to create custom queries for use in reports and dashboards.

On Power Dashboards choose Queries Menu and navigate to access Query Builder:

Before we dig into the Query Builder, there are some key metrics definitions to help you develop your queries:

Query builder glossary:

  • 1 & 2 - Categories and Tags: These are defined in your analysis brief and custom to your requirements. Drag and drop tags into the query to preview results.
  • 3 - Standard Breakdown: These are fixed and can be used to breakdown your data by time frame, tone, outlet, by-line (journalist), country and more.
  • 4 - Outputs: These will return a total number of Article count and Effective Reach (Impressions), Circulation, Favorability Score, IQ Score, Percentage
  • 5 - Favourability Score will return an average score for the articles counted in the query.
  • 6 - Filters: Use this to apply a fixed filter to your query.
  • 7 - External Filters: these are applied to your query, but you can change the selection on your dashboard.

You can now start to build a query: 

Filtering your data using the External Filters on a Dashboard widget can be a dynamic experience: