How to save your search filters

If you perform the same search on a regular basis, create a saved search to save you some time.

Save a search

First apply your desired filters by selecting any of the options. See how to search.

Next, click on the bookmark icon and give your search a name so you know what the search is next time - eg Tier 1 media or Middle East Market for example. Hit save and it'll be easy to find next time.

Saved search-1

1. Access your saved searches

To access your saved searches click on the small down arrow next to the bookmark.

2. Apply a saved search

Apply a saved search by clicking the tick for the search you want to apply.

3. Set as your default search

If you're running the same search on a daily basis setting a default saved search will help you out. Set a saved search as your default by clicking the 'house' icon (3). Your default search will be automatically applied each time you login. 

4. Edit your saved search

Click the edit icon to edit the name of your search. If you want to edit the filters, you can save a new search.

5. Delete a saved search

If you no longer need your saved search easily delete by clicking the bin icon.

Use saved searches to find articles or on your analytics dashboards to save time creating reports.