How to Create & Schedule a Newsletter

Effortlessly engage your stakeholders with a tailored automatically scheduled newsletter email.

  1. Navigate to Newsletters under 'Reporting Tools' in the main navigation menu
  2. Click "New Template"
  3. Enter a name, then select a template to start with. This is also where you'll find
    your saved templates later. Click 'Create Template' to move on to the next step.
  4. Click the cog to edit the settings for the first section
  5. Name your section and select which of the metadata placeholders you need. You
    can edit these again later if needed.
  6. Click "Filters" to refine the content that will automatically appear in the section. Apply your desired filters to refine the content that will appear in the section. For example, use a previously saved search, your tier 1 media list, specific outlets, sentiments, tags or countries. You can adjust these later on also.
    When you're ready, click "Save Section". 
  7. Add additional sections by clicking "Create Section" and following the same steps
  8. Next, in the Edit step you can customize your template. Hover over the block you
    want to edit and click the pencil icon to open the options.
  9. Apply text styles by selecting a font, size and color to match your branding.
  10. To change the image, go to the image settings and click on the image to select a
    new one.
  11. Next you can tailor the article sections by clicking on them to open the various
    settings and options for the data to include and formatting.
  12. Here you can tailor the formatting and edit the placeholders for the section.
  13. When you're done, click 'Save' to keep your changes.
  14. To apply default formatting and design to the whole template use the options in
    the "Styles", "Design" and "Settings" menus.
  15. In "Styles" you can tailor the Text Styles using fonts, colors, sizes, spacing and
  16. Under design select the background colors for your email template and then click "Save"
  17.  In this final step preview the look and the content of your newsletter template. To
    make any changes, go back to the 'Edit' step.
    You can send your newsletter from here as a one off and to preview in your inbox.

To Schedule we'll go back to the first Newsletters page.

How to Schedule a Newsletter

From the Preview step, click "Newsletters" to go back to the main Newsletters


Click "Scheduled Newsletters"

Click "Schedule Newsletter"

Add a Name (for your internal use) and an email subject line.

Select who to send the newsletter to. You can choose a pre defined mailing list (we
can set these up for you) or add individual emails.

Next select your template from the drop down list (new ones may take a few
minutes to appear).

If you're monitoring content in multiple languages, the summary translate setting
will translate your newsletter content into your chosen language. (Note: this only
applies to the headlines and articles, not the placeholders).

Next choose the frequency and time for your scheduled newsletter to send. - Click
"Add Time", and choose from hourly, daily, weekly or monthly
Select the day/time of day to send the email.

Grace Period: This option sends you a reminder that your newsletter is scheduled
to send and lets you preview what will be sent. You can then remove or add
content if needed.

Finally, click "Save" to confirm and your newsletter will be scheduled to
automatically send at your specified time.